Primary care ready? #physiotalk Monday 3rd April 2017

mandate3On Monday 3rd April at 8pm UK time we’ll be discussing the knowledge and skills that physiotherapists need in order to work safety and effectively in primary care.

Widening the primary care workforce

GP practices in the UK are facing increasing workforce pressures, and as a result many regions are developing primary care skill mix and a multi-professional primary care workforce.

The GP Forward View includes commitments on increasing the use of non-medical clinicians in primary care, including physiotherapists.  The new national AHP strategy AHPs into Action was published by NHS England in January – impact 2 of AHPs into Action focuses on AHPs supporting general practice and emergency care.

Physiotherapy in primary care

There are an increasing number physiotherapy service models supporting primary care, particularly self-referral and first point of contact physiotherapists in advanced practice roles.

The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy has published a range of resources to evidence and support self-referral and the role of physiotherapists in primary care. This includes case studies, cost calculator, and joint guidance with the BMA and RCGP. Much of this work currently focuses on supporting patients presenting to primary care with musculoskeletal problems but there is also significant potential to develop a wider physiotherapy offer to primary care.

There are a number of changes that need to happen to develop sustainable physiotherapy services in primary care. During the tweetchat we’ll be focusing on the knowledge and skills that physiotherapists need in order to transfer from secondary care-based services into primary care – smoothly, safety, effectively.

Question to think about:

  • How does working in primary care differ from secondary care? Culturally and in terms of patient caseload, and the team and structures around staff?
  • How does working in primary care influence and impact on clinical reasoning and decision making?
  • How can we support physiotherapists to be primary care ready? What training and education is needed?
  • What can we learn about primary care readiness from trainee GPs and General Practice Nurses?
  • What governance arrangements need to be in place to support safe and effective physiotherapy practice in primary care?

Chat Transcript

Missed the chat? Don’t worry – you can catch-up with the Symplur transcript.


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