Easter #physiotalk…. and #GPBO

The next #physiotalk falls on Easter Monday – and so rather than a tweetchat we thought we might do something a little different!

Easter Egg Hunt

What could be more traditional than an Easter Egg hunt? Starting on Easter Sunday and running through to Easter Monday we will have a #physiotalk Easter Egg hunt. Hidden within our website we have hidden some Easter Eggs – the first clue will be tweeted out on Easter Sunday and if you follow the clues you will eventually find all the eggs and perhaps a special #physiotalk message at the end as well. If you get stuck then we will be tweeting out additional clues as well over the Sunday and Monday. Easter eggI’m afraid all the eggs will be virtual and so will the ‘prize’ – but of course this is much better for your waistline and teeth!

The #physiotalk #GPBO

We know that physiotherapists like a bit of cake (and if you don’t think this then have a look at Thomson & Hassenkamp’s paper!)  I know many departments that have cake day and don’t we all love a leaving lunch as well? Knowing that a 4 day holiday (with apologies to those who are working over Easter this year) may well bring out the Mary Berry or Paul Hollywood in us all, then we would love to see your baking creations from over Easter.

Tweet us a picture using #GPBO (Great Physiotherapy Bake Off – of course!) and we can all enjoy seeing what you have been baking (and cooking) over the Easter weekend. We’ll pull together a montage of the best and I’m sure we will all enjoy getting inspiration from others creations.  There may even be a prize for the best! Of course this will be have to be judged on looks rather than taste…

To start you off here are some from the #physiotalk kitchen…

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