Clinical Excellence #Physiotalk 23 October 2017 with @TPMPodcast

On Monday 23rd October at 8pm, UK time we’re delighted to be teaming up with Jack Marsh and Jack Chew from the TPM team for a tweetchat on clinical excellence.

Defining and achieving clinical excellence

QualityThe recent Physio Matters Podcast with Connect Health on Clinical Excellence was a fantastic insight into the inner workings of a large physiotherapy organisation and how they attempt to foster an environment that maximises clinical excellence.

Clinical Excellence is an ever shifting and adapting landscape, and as Andrew Walton (Connect Health Executive Chair) rightly points out, it has no reachable end point. The use of data as a carrot rather than a stick, infrastructure and investment, fostering the ideal environment and rewarding staff for attaining the highest level they can are all necessary to raise the level of excellence up across the board.

There was extensive commentary on twitter after the podcast published so we are hoping to build on this momentum and carry on the conversation. So, make sure you have listened to the podcast and join us  on the 23rd October.

Questions to think about before the tweetchat:

  1. What is clinical excellence?
  2. Whose role is it to ensure clinical excellence is delivered?
  3. What barriers are there to achieving clinical excellence?
  4. How do large organisations help the individual to achieve clinical excellence?
  5. How do and should we measure it?
  6. Does it differ NHS vs Private sectors?
  7. How should high achievers be rewarded?
  8. How should low achievers be managed?

Pre-chat resources

  • Listen to the podcast here – Session 46 – Defining and Achieving Clinical Excellence with Connect Health’s Matthew Wyatt, Graeme Wilkes and Andrew Walton:



Missed the chat? Catch up here with the transcript

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