Digital CPD: planned, valued, mainstream? #physiotalk #physio17 30 October 2017

On Monday 30th October 2017 at 8pm UK time we will be running a tweetchat on digital learning and CPD in the run up to a digital development session at the Physiotherapy UK conference #physio17 on the 10th November.

Taking a structured approach…

how-cpd-works-543We’re moved on in the past 5 years, and many digital and social media have gained mainstream acceptance as part of a mixture of activities to support continuing professional development and registration. But how structured are we in our approach to choosing and using digital platforms and tools in our CPD? How do we critically appraise what each offers, and the value it brings to our practice and services?

The session at #physio17 will explore the role of digital media and technologies in supporting continuing professional development and lifelong learning, and consider the importance of structured, critical approaches in choosing and using digital CPD to promote personal, professional and service development, and meeting business/service needs and HCPC standards.

This tweetchat will help to shape some of the content and discussions at the session so we are really keen to hear your views, experiences and advice –whether you will be at the conference or not. The conference session will also be live-streamed on periscope, and open to questions outside the room, so we hope you can join the session as well on 10.11.2017, 13:45 – 15:00.

Questions to think about before the tweetchat:  

  1. Why are digital CPD methods gaining increasing importance and acceptance? Are they in your area of work?
  2. How do you use digital technology for continuing professional development (CPD)?
  3. What are you top 5 tools and platforms to aid personal and professional growth? What are you less familiar with, or find less useful?
  4. How do you choose the right digital media for your own learning and development needs? What factors influence your choice?
  5. What are some of the challenges and solutions we experience when engaging in digitally-based learning activities?
  6. What are the skills we need to enable us to flex with emerging technologies to support CPD, and how we can develop them?
  7. How can we ensure that digital CPD activities meet the needs of service-users and our services as well as our own personal development?

Pre-chat resources:


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