Make #physiotalk your New Year’s resolution for 2018


Janet and Naomi have been running physiotalk for 4 years now. That’s a tweetchat every fortnight – open access, free continuing professional development (CPD) for physiotherapists, allied health professionals (AHPs) and many others. Run on a shoe string (about £100 a year) we do this as volunteers; and with full time jobs and busy family lives – we need more help to take #physiotalk into 2018.

So, this year we’re asking our followers to make it a New Year’s Resolution to get involved and host a #physiotalk tweetchat.

In the words of one of our hosts (in a quote from our research tweetchat) looking at using Physiotalk for CPD:

I would encourage people to co host, that encourages even more pre-reading, learning,  prior to the chat. And is a buzz!


People host tweetchats for many reasons, including:

  • Because its a topic that interests them.
  • To help support and influence quality and service improvement.
  • As part of a project or workstream they are already doing.
  • For promotion of a speciality, topic, network or event.
  • To network with professional colleagues nationally and internationally.
  • To demonstrate wider impact and benefit of social media skills on the wider physiotherapy and healthcare community.


We’ve had hosts from every background you can imagine, including patients. You don’t need to be an ‘expert’ on the topic – just curious about the subject in question and wanting to ask questions, with the aim of learning, sharing and influencing practice.


We have had tweetchats on a host of topics – some we’ve covered a few times, some only once, and we know there’s many more that we can discuss. Some can be topics that crop-up because they are in the ‘physio news’ but others can be long planned. We can have chats that have a narrow speciality focus or chats that should interest all – both within the UK and internationally. We’d love to have more hosts from outside of the UK (and yes, we know the time zones can be an issue here!)

Get involved

Tweetchats offer us opportunities to discuss policy, evidence and practice with practitioners around the world, and can be hugely valuable for professional learning and networking.

Thank you to everyone who has continued to support us this year. For #physiotalk to remain sustainable we need more help – and guest hosting is the best way to help and contribute to what we do. So, take a look at more guidance here, fill in this Guest host form and get involved in 2018.

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