Recruitment and retention #physiotalk 8th January 2018

workforceThe very first Workforce planning strategy and  consultation is being held by Health Education England  from December to March 2018. (Have you had your say on the consultation?).  Workforce planning isn’t anything new though and certainly not restricted to the NHS in England!  You can find information around NHS workforce planning in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and I suspect it is a hot topic in health care providers around the world! Certainly the WCPT advocate for ‘appropriate planning, management and development of health human resources’  

As this is a topic that has had a little bit of discussion on Twitter recently we thought it was about time for a #physiotalk on the topic – so join us at 8pm on the 8th Janaury for our first chat of 2018.

In the past we have had issues ranging from an over supply of new graduates to shortages of staff. At the moment it seems like vacancies are on the rise, with for example AHP vacancies in Scotland running at 3.9%, an increase from those of 5 years ago and NMAHP vacancies in England put at 9.4% in the consultation document. But it’s not just total numbers that are an issue – developing a workforce fit for purpose means ensuring we have the right numbers of staff of all grades.

Questions to consider

  • What issues have you experienced in recruitment at the moment?
  • Does this differ between grades? Is there enough new grads but you are struggling for Band 7 staff?
  • What about retaining your staff – are they leaving (and why?)
  • How about return to practice – do you have many staff that have decided to return to practice after a career break?
  • What do you expect as on-going recruitment challenges (for those in the UK dare we mention Brexit here!)
  • What have you done to promote recruitment and retention in your area?



Missed the chat? Catch up here




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