Yoga and Physio – a #physiotalk on 23rd July

Our #physiotalk on Monday 23rd July is at 8.30pm and is guest hosted by @sallylk

Yoga is becoming increasingly popular in the West, and some quarters report that yoga related injuries are on the rise. This tweetchat will explore if physiotherapists use yoga in their own lives and how they incorporate yoga into their physiotherapy practice, if it is indeed incorporated into practice.


There are many different philosophies, styles and schools of yoga, from the very physical forms of asana (posture practice) to the more psychological practices exploring Eastern thought. In the UK, probably the most commonly taught yoga is a physical practice, and the duration and quality of yoga teacher training varies immensely. There are many yoga organisations which teachers and students alike may find difficult to navigate. Yoga Therapy is also a growing discipline, seen by some as another poorly-regulated, poorly-evidenced ‘alternative’ therapy.

Physiotherapy itself started out as an alternative therapy and some aspects of our own profession are seen by some Physiotherapists as having a poor evidence base in terms of the ‘Gold Standard’ of the RCT.

I hope participants can also find out about, and generate discussion around: the quality of yoga teacher training and how to ensure patient safety; the usefulness of yoga in helping to manage the psychosocial aspects of illness; the growing evidence base for yoga as a discipline to facilitate the physical and mental health of a modern Western society.

Chat questions

What is your experience, and the experience of your patients, of yoga practice?

Is yoga compatible with Physiotherapy practice?

What are the potential benefits and risks of practicing yoga?

Have you or your patients experienced injury as a result of yoga?

What does high quality yoga teacher training consist of?


Missed the chat? Catch up with the transcript


NHS guidance on use of yoga for health and fitness

American study finds yoga injuries are on are on the rise

American Osteopathic Association advice on the benefits of yoga

Yoga is used as a tool for rehabilitation of refugees, asylum seekers, survivors of modern slavery or human trafficking

The Guardian article about Australian study on upper limb injuries related to upper limb load bearing postures in yoga

2012 article in New York Time by William Broad which may be credited for starting the conversation about yoga and its potential to injure as well as heal

Chat host

Sally Kennedy is hosting this chat – find her tweeting as @sallylk

She says – ‘I have worked in the NHS since 2004, and now work with older people with multi-pathology in the outpatient, inpatient and community rehabilitation setting. Chronic pain and disability is a feature of daily life for many of my patients, and consequently therapy goals are about maintaining quality of life and physical functioning.

I completed yoga teacher training with the British Wheel of Yoga in 2008. Yoga practice has helped me and my students immensely, but I have been reluctant to incorporate yoga practices that may be beneficial into my NHS clinical practice due to a perceived lack of evidence’.


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