Preparing an effective poster presentation – the do’s and don’ts #physiotalk 6th August

We held a chat in April looking at how to successfully submit an abstract – now comes the follow up! Your abstract has been accepted and you have to prepare a poster – so where to start? We’ll be chatting all about poster presentations on 6th August at 8.30pm

Posters are a great way of getting your research, audit or service development information out to a lot of people at a conference. And of course often the posters are also shared on line so those not at conference can also read and learn from a distance. The posters from #WCPT2017 can be seen here for example.

But what makes a great poster – and conversely what should you avoid!



There are lots of sites that will advise you around poster preparation (just have a look at some of the links below!) but often they repeat the same (but important) information about following the style guide, font size and flow of your poster.  We will cover these aspects as well, but are looking to glean a little more from the collective wisdom of a physiotalk tweetchat! So….

  • What are your top tips?
  • How have you made your posters stand out from the crowd?
  • What advice would you offer a first timer?
  • What about printing – paper or fabric….

How to make your poster stand out?

Over the years I’ve seen a lot of posters but only a few really stand out in my mind. 

With one it was the bold use of colour, another it was the graphics and another it was the iPad stuck in the middle to watch a video!

With others it was the way the content was presented that made you want to read more and follow the provided links to deepen your learning. Many people are learning from the way infographics are presented and using this in posters – it that a good or bad thing for an academic presentation?

How to add value?

In todays digital environment there are lots of ways that you can add value to your poster presentation. What works for you and what doesn’t add to the poster.

Should you tweet out your poster or add a QR code? Should you have handouts? What a about fully digital posters?  What else have you seen recently and what added value and what didn’t work for you? What should you prepare if you are part of a poster walkabout?

Pre-chat questions

What are the ‘must do’ things for a poster presentation

What shouldn’t you forget to add to a poster – but often do!

What’s your advice about adding digital features to your poster presentation

How should you attract the delegates to your poster at the conference

If the posters are going on line – should the physical or online look of the poster be more important?

Missed the chat? Catch up with the transcript


Preparing a poster for Physio18

How to make an academic poster

Scientific poster design

How to design an award winning conference poster!


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