Who gives a Physio? The Sequel!

Join us for our next #Physiotalk on Monday 26th November at 8.30pm GMT. Hosted by the @thecsp SW Regional Network @CSPsouthwest to discuss how we can raise the profile of Physiotherapy.

SWERN clifton bridge

The #physiochat on Monday 26th November will be hosted by our colleagues in the CSP SW Regional Network. But you don’t have to live in the South West of England to join in! We would like you to join in the conversation wherever in the world you are using the hashtag #physiotalk so we can see your post.

The CSP SW Regional Network is a small committee who live and work across the South West of England, from Cornwall, to Wiltshire. They aim to provide a forum to stay up-to-date with professional issues, share ideas and meet and learn from other members.
In this tweet chat we will be talking to you about raising the profile of Physiotherapy., which we agree is vital. In 2018 we have noticed a big increase in social media connections across the South West of England region between Physiotherapists BUT are we getting the message out to the public, the GPs, our AHP colleagues, the Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) and government policy makers? Whether private or working in the NHS this affects us all.
This tweet chat will look at where we are, what holds us back and what we can do to gain momentum in sharing the immense value of Physiotherapy with all the stakeholders.

If you are a Physiotherapist and live and work in the South West of England we would love to connect with you. Please join in the conversation @CSPsouthwest.


Q1. Do you know who to approach, who are your key decision makers?
Q2 How do you influence them?
Q3 If you know who to approach what stops you?
Q4. What resources/help do you need from CSP and other agencies to enable
Q5 What tools do we personally need develop to connect with decision makers
outside of Physiotherapy?
Q6 Who are our allies in the South West region or local to where you live and work as a Chartered Physiotherapist?

Will you be brave, be bold and take a step towards influencing people outside of Physiotherapy? Will you make a pledge on here outlining what you will do in the
next 3 months. Don’t forget the hashtag when you tweet #physiotalk so we can see your tweet and you can follow the conversation.
Please send your feedback about this #physiochat @CSPsouthwest or Facebook page CSP South West regional network.

If you missed the chat – here is the transcript!


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