Home For Christmas! #physiotalk 10th Dec

The final #physiotalk chat of the 2018 calendar will be hosted by Jo Kitchen @JoFallsPhysio at 8.30pm BST Monday 10th December. So mince pies and sherry at the ready because it’s going to be a cracker… (no pun intended)!


Brief Overview.

In the countdown for Christmas one thing is clear from our patients: they want to be home for Christmas.

If you are working with in-patients there starts a desperate scramble to discharge as many as possible, partly in response to winter pressure, but largely because that’s where patients want to be on Christmas Day.

If you work in the community, patients want to avoid a hospital admission. They may also want to be able to cook, get out to church or simply be with their family.

Working with patients with going home in mind brings a different set of challenges to our practice as Physiotherapists. It’s the sphere of Physiotherapy where we fully embrace working in partnership with patients, as a guest in their home, as a professional enabling them to progress towards their goals.

The chat will lead to a discussion surrounding top tips for planning a home discharge. Then barriers to working successfully in the community (patient factors, environment, resources), the benefits of working in patients own homes and how we can better link services between acute care and the community.

Students and newly qualified Physio’s, take this opportunity to ask questions and find out more about working in the community, and be better prepared for rotations in community teams.

Questions to consider.

  • Q1: What is your top tip for planning a home discharge?
  • Q2: What barriers do you find to providing effective Physiotherapy in patients own homes, and care homes?
  • Q2.a: How have you overcome these barriers?
  • Q3: Tell me a success story! What are the benefits to working in the community?
  • Q4: Do you have concerns or experience of adverse effects?
  • Q4a: How can we manage them?
  • Q4: How can we better link acute and community services?



Missed the chat? Then catch up with the transcript here!

Guest host info.

Jo Kitchen – My official job title is ‘Falls practitioner.’  I work in an NHS community falls service where we see everyone at home. This works well for our service, as often falls occur at home and it’s very useful to be able to take a patients environment into consideration for both assessment and treatment.

Previously I have worked in elderly and neuro rehabilitation which involved a considerable amount of discharge planning, visits and in some case trial runs.

I am really interested in how the therapist-patient dynamic is changed in a patients own home and feel that in a culture of reducing hospital length of stay and improved medical care, community Physiotherapy is a growing area.

Useful links/resources.

The right intervention, at the right time, in the right place: https://www.bgs.org.uk/blog/the-right-intervention-at-the-right-time-in-the-right-place…

Community physiotherapy or community-based physiotherapy:

Rehabilitation for community‐dwelling people with stroke: home or centre based? A systematic review:

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Home Setting for Therapy: Views of Patients and Therapists:



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