PT Education – Designing a Curriculum for the Future #Physiotalk Mon 4th Feb 20.30 GMT

In many different forums we hear about how the PT entry to practice curriculum needs to look different if we are to prepare graduates of and for the future. What would the curriculum look like if we had a blank sheet of paper and used blue sky thinking? This Tweetchat seeks to start that conversation.

What should the curriculum look like? What themes should we consider? What’s not in current curricula? What could be taken out?

At this stage, we want to keep the thinking high-level and not worry too much about the ‘how’.

Join us at 8.30pm GMT on Monday 4th February with our hosts @ekstokes @JHaleATX and @JeremyLewisPT as we start this fascinating and exciting conversation to start to change the face of PT education.

To consider ahead of the chat

  • What are we doing well in current PT curricula
  • What do the graduates of the future need to know?
  • How should we change the PT curricula for the future to achieve this?
  • How do we future proof the programs?

Tweetchat hosts

Emma Stokes is the Head of the newly established Department of Physiotherapy at Qatar University and the President of WCPT.

Jennifer Hale is a clinical professor at Texas State University and a visiting academic at Qatar University

Jeremy Lewis is a consultant physiotherapist in the NHS, professor of musculoskeletal research at University of Hertfordshire, and consultant to the Department of Physiotherapy at Qatar University


Missed the chat or just want to catch up?  Follow this link to read a transcript of the tweet chat!

Not sure how to tweetchat?

See our resources about Tweetchatting and Keeping up with Tweetchats


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  1. At risk of being accused of promoting my own stuff, readers and participants interested in these questions may also find these two links useful: an article in the OpenPhysio journal on the implications of AI on physiotherapy education ( and a recent blog post asking who is planning for the future of the profession (

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