#Physiotalk does the #WeActiveChallenge!

For the past four years Physiotalk has supported the #WeActiveChallenge –  and more specifically of course #AHPsActive!

This year is no different – so we are urging all of our followers to take part in the challenge. It runs during the whole of August and is a great way to get a bit more active and have fun (and of course take part in a little bit of healthy competition with #WeNurses.)

To read more and find out how to take part – go to the WeCommunities website , but in a nutshell you post a picture on Twitter of you being more active in anyway you like – run, walk, cycle, swim or perhaps some more daredevil activities! The most important thing is that you hashtag with the #AHPsActive tag – as all your pictures add up towards a total for each community (and of course we are presuming you want the AHPs to win as we like a bit of healthy competition!)

Start planning your activities and get #AHPsActive from 1st Aug!

Aug 1st






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