How important is it to role model activity? #physiotalk 19th August

We are just about half way through the We Active Challenge and Twitter is full of #AHPsActive and #NursesActive posts. That is great to see (and do keep going as the AHPs are only just ahead when I’m typing this!) and it’s a great initiative and one that we fully support of course!

But the question we are asking in our tweetchat on Monday 19th August at 8.30pm is ‘How important is it for physiotherapists (and other health professionals of course) to be active?’ And more specifically does our activity translate into our patients being more active – or do they see what we do as being unachievable or unobtainable?

Choosing to be a physiotherapist is often seen as the career choice of people who are perceived as active and sporty. Whilst the reality may be somewhat different, how do we ensure that we are seen as realistic role models rather than a population who are somehow different to the patients we support? And conversely, what if you are currently inactive for any reason? How can you promote activity if you can’t be a role model?

Questions to consider

Is it important for physiotherapists to be active?

Who are your activity role models?

Who do you aspire to role model to?

How do we ensure activity campaigns reach beyond the already active?

How do we move beyond digital activity campaigns?

Pre chat resources

We Active Challenge

Promoting physical activity in your professional practice

Student wiki on physiotherapists as health coaches


Missed the chat?

Catch up with the transcript instead!

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