Physiotherapists at the ‘Front door’ #physiotalk 7th October

The Physiotalk chats in October have been chosen by YOU during a Twitter poll. So first up is ‘Physiotherapists at the Front door’ on Monday 7th October at 8.30pm BST.

For avoidance of doubt – especially for any overseas Physiotalk followers – this refers to physiotherapists working at the ‘Front door’ of the hospital, so usually in ED or an admissions unit (despite the picture chosen – sorry!).

These have many names and configurations depending on where in the country you work! The main focus though is on early assessment of usually frailer older adults presenting to the unit, with the aim of setting up an appropriate care pathway as soon as possible. This is often supported discharge the same day in order to avoid an admission in this vulnerable group of people. However there are many differing ways of working, which are often dependent on the support or social services you can access and if you have an in reach or outreach team to support people at home.

teal wooden panel door

Questions to consider

What do you define as a ‘Front door’ service?

How do you screen or triage to your service?

Who do you consider an essential team member in a front door service?

Is there a role for advanced physiotherapy practitioners at the front door?

What input are you able to deliver – can this be ongoing on a return to home?

How important is it to have access to an integrated social care system?

When would you admit? And why?




Frailty at the front door

Rapid improvement guide: identifying and managing frailty

Physiotherapy works: Accident and Emergency

Acute Frailty Network

Society for Acute Medicine

Missed the chat?

Catch up with the transcript here

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