Community rehabilitation #physiotalk 30th Sep with @AGILECSP

To celebrate Older Peoples Day this year AGILE are hosting a Physiotalk! AGILE are the Association of Physiotherapists working with older adults and in view of the recent NHS England Long term plan we would like to reflect on some of the aspects of this in this chat. The tweetchat will be held on Monday 30th September at 8.30pm, so the day before Older Peoples Day which is always on 1st October.

The theme of this tweet chat is community rehabilitation. The focus on providing community based intervention, where appropriate, is of high profile in the NHS long term plan. The profile of community services has been raised massively in the recent past, particularly through the NHS England LTP and Ageing well programme being steered by NHSE/I Older Person’s team, as the focus for healthcare moves away from the acute care environment and more towards providing services in the home/ usual place of residence. The emphasis is now on person centred individually tailored needs based care and support, to optimise the person’s ability to engage meaningful activity, remain healthier for longer and have improved quality of life. This is especially relevant to the older adult population for whom prolonged hospital stays leads to a reduction in functional ability and a degree of institutionalisation often resulting in a need for extensive care packages or even a move into residential care. Other national guidance supports initiatives to assist older adults to remain active and increase the probability of people being able to remain in their usual place if residence through ageing well, such as the CMO physical activity guidelines.

IMG_3483The aim of this tweet chat is to stimulate discussion about the role of community physiotherapists in light of this increased focus on community based care and therefore, community based rehabilitation. The shift is likely to result in opportunities for physiotherapists to lead across care pathways, diversify their skills e.g. non-medical prescribing, advanced practice roles. But it may also pose significant challenge, especially with community access standards being set at 2 hours for rapid response services and 2 days for routine community services.

AGILE is keen to use this tweetchat to generate ideas and inform initiatives for participants to contemplate when considering how their own services will evolve to meet the increased investment, more stringent targets and monitoring, whilst continuing to deliver high quality care for the populations they serve.

Questions to consider

1. How do you feel the role of the community physiotherapist has evolved over the last 10 years? Do you think this evolution has been positive for the profession? Any consequences of this evolution?
2. How do you see the role of the community physiotherapist evolving to aid in the realisation of the LTP over the next 5-10 years?
3. What are the current a) enablers and b) barriers to community physiotherapists providing effective intervention? Any strategies to overcome the barriers?
4. How do you see community physiotherapists supporting national guidance regarding the care of older people?

5. Community physiotherapy tends to understandably be a reactive intervention i.e. a patient has an event and is referred yet the long term plan focuses more on prevention. How would you change things to incorporate a more proactive/ preventative aspect to community physiotherapy roles?

6. What do you see as the biggest opportunities facing community therapists in the next 5 years?

Chat resources

CSP Older Peoples Day materials 

CMO Physical activity guidelines 

Strong, Steady, Straight 

Hip fracture rehabilitation standards 

AGILE website 


Missed the chat? Catch up with the transcript here

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