Digital CPD: New ventures into online learning for rehabilitation #physio19

Physiotalk, alongside Physiopedia, Physio Matters and AHPs for Public Health are leading a focussed symposium on ‘Digital CPD: New ventures into online learning for rehabilitation’ at Physiotherapy UK on Saturday 2nd November.

We are presenting from 11am in Hall 1 of the conference centre and hope to see as many of you there as possible. But we know that #physio19 is sold out – so if you didn’t manage to get a ticket, then we are aiming to allow you to participate in some small way,  and of course gain something for your own CPD even if you can’t be in Birmingham .


The aims of the symposium are:

Learning objective 1: To understand the variety of methods and platforms used to access and deliver digital continuing professional development (CPD).
Learning objective 2: To appraise the role of a range of existing digital CPD methods, and how these can support CPD that meets in line with HCPC standards.
Learning objective 3: To understand how digital CPD can support improvements and innovation in rehabilitation practice and services

The session is being chaired by Naomi McVey with Janet Thomas, Scott Buxton, Paula Manning and Jack Chew speaking on behalf of each of the digital ‘communities’. If you are in the hall, then there will be a chance to interact by both Mentimeter questions and of course by twitter! If you are not in the hall, then watch out for our twitter polls during the session.

Our Physiotalk section will (of course!) focus on Twitter for gaining CPD, looking at the two research projects that we have carried out:

Physiotalk: Connectedness and constructive change. A qualitative study

Lurking or Listening during a Physiotherapy Tweetchat – A valid means of gaining continuing professional development?


Read the Physiospot blog posting on the symposium

Slides from the symposium

Digital CPD Physiotalk presentation

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