The Great Big #physiotalk Christmas and Birthday quiz! 16th Dec 8.30pm

Our next #physiotalk tweetchat isn’t a chat at all!

We thought as the 16th December marks exactly 6 years since our first ever Physiotalk, on 16th December 2013, then we should get into a festive and birthday mood!

So instead of a chat, on 16th December we are going to hold the ‘Great Big #physiotalk quiz!’

art blurred blurry bokeh

It will work in much the same way as a chat – so just follow the #physiotalk hashtag, but there will be a LOT more questions than usual and you just have to tweet out your answer (plus the hashtag of course!) in response.

Look out for seasonal questions, Physiotalk questions, birthday questions….

I’m afraid its all just for a bit of fun though – so no prizes! We will tweet out each answer at the end, so you won’t have to wait too long to find out if you were right or not!


birthday wallpaper


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