2020 Vision for #physiotalk Mon 6th Jan 8.30pm

Physiotalk has just had its 6th birthday and over 130 chats later we are entering a new decade and we thought it was time to have a think about the role and purpose of Physiotalk.

Social media has grown and developed since the 16th December 2013 and perhaps its time for Physiotalk to take a new direction? Or do you like us just the way we are?

Is Twitter the right platform, or has something new come along?

Is an hour long chat the best format – or would questions over a shorter or longer time be better?

We want to know what YOU want from us though – what do you like about @Physiotalk, what might you want to change? The only constraint is to remember that Physiotalk is run without any funding and by volunteers who also work or study full time – so the sky is not the limit!

number candles


We are have an online survey https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/L9PYFW8 as well as the chat on 6th Jan so all can have their say, whether active participants in the chats or if lurking is more of your style.

Chat questions to consider

  • Do you think Physiotalk should change?
  • Do you think Twitter is the right forum for Physiotalk
  • What about the frequency, time, length and day for Physiotalk?
  • Should we look at more focussed topics or broader areas?
  • What about theming several Physiotalk topics over a month – or do you like the variety?
  • How about research or Journal clubs – should we try these again?
  • Are the blogs on http://www.physiotalk.co.uk useful?
  • How important is it to have chat hosts?
  • And finally – is Physiotalk still a useful forum for you?

The results!

Firstly – what did you say in the chat? Well the transcript is here 

Secondly – what did you say in the survey? Take a look here

So, overall, it looks like you would still like Physiotalk to happen, over an hour long tweet chat and fortnightly. You like focussed topics and you still think that Physiotalk is useful for your CPD.

And as for your comments, they were lovely to read – thank you! Some suggestions for things like a Journal club and some chat topic suggestions as well – we plan to act on these!

We have already taken on board some changes thanks to your suggestions – so an earlier time, making sure we are clear on our website and twitter profile about the time of chats and making sure we promote the chats around multiple channels, are all things we are trying to respond to and have changed already.

There were suggestions around using other platforms such as Zoom or Periscope to be more interactive during a chat – we’ll take a look at these, but they may be more logistically (or budgetary) challenging for our small team of volunteers!

Thank you to everyone who took the time to respond in our tweetchat or via the survey!

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