COVID19 and your own wellbeing #physiotalk 4th May 8pm

It has often been said that the time we are living through at the moment is unprecedented. Whatever your role in physiotherapy you are likely to have faced huge changes in where or how you work. This has the potential to take a toll on your mental health and wellbeing. The #physiotalk tweetchat on Monday 4th May at 8pm BST will be about how you are looking after your own wellbeing and resilience.


Many workplaces have factored in support – you may have a wellbeing hub or ‘wobble’ room. You may be encouraged to access online support. But the fact remains that you may be dealing with loss of income and livelihood if you are a private practitioner, the stress of a fast paced and uncertain environment in an acute hospital or the uncertainty of what is happening with your studies if you are student. And these are only a few scenarios!

It is important to take time to support your own emotional and physical wellbeing during this time – and Mondays tweetchat will explore some of these issues and get your ideas about how you are coping with things, which may help others in the same situation.

Chat questions

  • Are you feeling under more stress and strain at present?
  • Is your workplace supporting or prioritising your mental health needs?
  • Can you take ‘time out’ at work or is this something you focus on when at home?
  • What suggestions do you have about supporting your own wellbeing?
  • How are you supporting others?



CSP page: Taking care of your mental health

Clear Your Head website (NHS Scotland)

ORCHA app library (CSP log in needed)

NHS Employers support web page 

NHS Wales support page

NHS NI link for support and the NI app


Quarantrain – a physiotherapy initiative for health and wellbeing during isolation


Chat transcript

Missed the chat? Catch up with the transcript

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