Temporary changes to pre-reg degrees due to COVID19. #physiotalk 27th Apr 8pm

This weeks chat is being hosted by CSP Assistant Director @GillRphysio and CSP Professional Adviser @sas1933 alongside other staff members of the CSP who will be on hand to answer questions.



In light of the COVID19 pandemic, universities in England and Wales can now offer students the option to gain clinical experience (and, potentially, gain placement hours) as employed Band 3 support workers. This option is available to students who are in their second year of their undergraduate degree or first year of their MSc. (We anticipate similar guidance for the other UK nations to be published shortly.)

The Department of Health and Social Care has allocated funding to support these roles through specialist COVID funded workforce budgets. The CSP and universities across the UK are currently in discussion about how and where to put this into practice.

Questions to consider.

Q1: AHPs leads have proposed that middle year pre-reg AHP students are employed as B3 Support Workers during the pandemic to allow them to work whilst gaining clinical experience & learning. How and where can we best utilise their skills?
Q2: How can we ensure students in Support Worker roles gain the appropriate clinical experience?
Q3: What do you see are the similarities and differences between therapy assistant support worker roles and students?
Q4: For those of who are based in clinical settings, how do you feel about taking students in paid B3 Support Worker roles at this time? What are the obstacles and/or opportunities?
Q5: How can we increase placement capacity during and after the #covid19 crisis in order to allow physio students to catch up with lost clinical placement and graduate in a timely way?

Relevant resources.

Missed the chat?

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