Covid-19 and virtual placements: what does good look like? #physiotalk Monday 29 June

As part of our ongoing Covid-19 series, our next tweetchat on Monday 29th June will focus on ‘virtual’ placements in physiotherapy and other health, public health and social care services in the pandemic response and for future care.

Digital health

Digital healthcare had been a policy priority in many countries for some time now, but adoption has often been slow. The rapid shift to digital and remote services as part of the Covid-19 response has been unprecedented, and this has created both challenges and opportunities for student placements.

‘Virtual’ placements are practice placements and learning environments within health and care services that are providing Technology Enhanced Care Services: assessment, intervention, advice and support, for communities, patients and service–users, through telehealth, telemedicine or other digital services. These services may be as an interim service response to Covid-19, business as usual, or as developing models of care.

And whilst simulation also provides a range of ‘virtual’ learning environments and experiences for physiotherapy students it is important to make a clear distinction between the two:

  • Virtual (or remote) placements take place in services providing range of care and support for communities, patients, and services.
  • Simulation replicates care, services or experiences but does not involve ‘real life’ service delivery for service users (but may involve services-users).

This chat will be an opportunity to share plans, developments across the profession and other professions, nationally and internationally. It will be hosted by @NaomiMcvey and anyone is welcome to join in. We are particularly keen to hear from current students.

Questions to think about before the chat

  1. How do we define what a virtual practice placement is, and is virtual the right way to describe them?
  2. What sort of telehealth and telemedicine and other digital healthcare services can and do virtual placement take place in?
  3. Why are placements in these services so important right now and for the future?
  4. What does good look like? What quality standards and principles should we use to ensure high quality placements in these services?
  5. What are some of the practicalities to think about?
  6. What are the key challenges and who can help?
  7. How do we build on the experiences of students so far?
  8. What can we learn from other professions, countries and sectors?

How else can you get involved?

Join Health Education England’s online workshop on placements from the 23rd June – eveyone welcome to join in:

Missed the chat?

Then catch up with the transcript here

Useful links:

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