Non-clinical roles in physiotherapy #physiotalk 21st August

Following on from our last chat on career planning we are going to look more in depth in our next chat on Monday 21st August at 8pm BST around physiotherapy careers in non clinical roles.

Varied roles and careers as the physiotherapists 

A comment made in the last Physiotalk tweetchat was ‘Do PTs feel of less value if they are not practicing as a PT?’ and this sparked our thoughts for this next chat. I would suspect none of us went into physiotherapy thinking of anything other than working clinically; our experiences prior to qualification are predominantly based on clinical experiences and as a new graduates we tend to focus initially on clinical careers.

So what prompts a change of direction into a non-clinical role? What exactly is a non-clinical role? And do we feel less valued by our peers? It is certainly a topic that provokes debate and discussion – the tweet above had a long thread of responses and an iCSP post on moving into a non-clinical role equally had many responses and provoked debate (link for logged in members to iCSP thread).

For many progression from Band 5 in a clinical career follows a well recognised and well trodden route – it is the ‘expected’ career pathway. However, the South East Coast Regional Network Conference last year had speakers from a wide variety of backgrounds sharing their career experiences many of whom spoke about what could be described as unconventional routes into their current role. Many who are in a non clinical role describe a far more roundabout route to their current post and having to overcome challenges and obstacles in their path. Why is this? What choices have to be made?

Within universities there is talk of preparing today’s students for the careers of tomorrow. But can we rely on our transferable skills or is there something else that needs to be built in to prepare students and new graduates for the wide variety of career options now open to physiotherapists? And of course, if we add this in, do we also need to lose clinical elements from a packed curriculum?

Less valued – or  more?

So there appears to be a split in our experiences – on one hand physiotherapists may feel of less value if they move into a non traditional or non-clinical role. Possibly the feeling is one of being less of a ‘physiotherapist’. However on the other hand, many in these roles have faced a hard won battle to get into these posts or even be considered suitable for them as a physiotherapist or AHP.

Join us on 21st August to discuss all of these issues!

Questions to consider before the chat

  1. What do physios define as a non- clinical role?
  2. What non-clinical roles are physios working in around the UK & globally?
  3. What motivates & inspires people to move into non-clinical roles?
  4. What preparation do we need to be prepared for a non-clinical role?
  5. How do we tackle misconceptions that non-clinical roles can’t/don’t make a direct difference to patient care?
  6. How do non-clinical roles contribute to leadership and improvement within and beyond the physiotherapy profession?

Useful reading

Post chat:

The chat transcript makes for interesting reading

A couple of chat participants also wrote blogs after the chat – thanks to Anna Lowe and Carl Davies for their post chat thoughts

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