Virtual conferences #physiotalk 2nd Nov

Our next #physiotalk tweetchat will cover the topic of Virtual conferences and courses on Monday 2nd November at 8pm GMT

So what are your thoughts on this new virtual world? Do you love it or can you not wait for the time when you can go back to seeing people at a in- person course or conference?

Physiotherapy UK will be happening less than 2 weeks after this tweetchat and many of you will be gearing up to attend, and maybe have already gone for a walk around the virtual world with your avatar.

We have very few alternatives of course at present, but does the benefit of attending from the comfort of your own home (without the expenses and environmental impacts of travel or accommodation) outweigh the sometimes indefinable extras you get from being there in person (and I don’t mean the free pens!).

Does the ability to go back and re-watch the presentations or take time following the conference to watch other parallel streams, that just isn’t possible at a face to face conference, make a virtual conference a much better way of attending? Or perhaps the lack of available technology or poor access to internet makes attending a virtual conference impossible for you?

Do you think you get the same ‘value for money’ from a virtual conference – or what about some of the free courses or conferences that are happening. There are great for attendees but is it devaluing the expertise of the speakers in any way?

And do we need the high tech options or would a plan old Zoom conference work just as well?

Tweetchat questions

Have you taken part in a virtual course or conference since lockdown?

What are the advantages of a virtual conferences?

What are the disadvantages of a virtual conference?

Do you need high tech options or are you happy just to watch a pre-recorded presentation?

Do you learn as much from a virtual conference?

Should virtual conferences cost the same as in person conferences?

When in person conferences restart should virtual options still be offered?


The surprising advantages of virtual conferences

Synchronous interaction among hundreds: an evaluation of a conference in an avatar-based virtual environment (Needs Institutional log in – but an interesting read!)


If you missed the chat you can catch up here!

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