Positive Risks in Frailty #physiotalk 16th Nov 8pm

Our next #physiotalk tweetchat is at 8pm GMT on Monday 16th November.

It is hosted by Katie @dementia_physio and we are looking forwards to discussing the topic of positive risks in frailty with her.

With some certainty, every person participating tonight has taken a positive risk at some point in their life; whether moving to a new country, taking a new job, or getting ‘that’ haircut.

With thanks to the Mental Capacity Act, it is assumed that one has capacity until proven otherwise. Then, we weigh up the benefits vs risks and carry out the decision we make, whether others deem it to be sensible or not.

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But what of our frail patients? What of the patient told to sit down to prevent a fall, despite being independently mobile prior to admission? Or the family member who wants their loved one to be discharged to a care home, when the patient wishes for nothing but to return to their own home? I believe there to be a HUGE difference in being safe vs feeling safe.

For example, the patient lying in bed with the cot sides up, knuckles turning white around the call bell as they lay on a pressure mattress under 24hr supervision is technically ‘safe’…but I bet they don’t feel it. This comes from reassurance, individualised care and compassion to support frail patients to be as independent as possible.

And to do this, we may need to take a positive risk. Tonight’s tweetchat aims to explore positive risk taking. I encourage any AHP, person or patient to participate. Through twitter, we are in a fantastic position to explore the reality of this within healthcare, and I am really looking forward to hearing what you have to say!

Chat questions

Q1: What does positive risk taking mean to you and your profession?

Q2: Have you found any barriers to taking positive risks whilst caring for people living with frailty?

Q3: How do you personally facilitate and support positive risk taking within your speciality?

Q4: How does a multi-disciplinary team facilitate and support positive risk taking within your speciality?

Q5: Rather than seeing ‘failed discharges’ or falls as an omission of care, how can we increase the understanding of the general public with regards to positive risk taking and its benefits?


Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained: Risk Guidance for People Living with Dementia https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/nothing-ventured-nothing-gained-risk-guidance-for-people-with-dementia

Lived experience, by The Alzheimer’s Society

Inspiring Social Change

NHS England Integrated Care Pathway for People Living with Frailty

Frailty Care on a Surgical Ward

Chat host

Hello, my name is Katie and I am a Team Lead Physiotherapist with a passion for frailty and Dementia at the @royalfreeNHS Trust, Barnet General Hospital. I believe in the difference in being safe vs. feeling safe…and with that comes positive risk taking! I am really excited to be your host tonight, and can’t wait to hear your thoughts!!

Missed the chat?

Then catch up with the transcript

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