COVID 19 – Transferable skills #physiotalk Mon 1st Mar 8pm

The next #physiotalk tweetchat will be on Monday 1st March at 8pm GMT – or as its known in our household – St Davids day! So first – have your cawl and welsh cakes (and if you don’t know what I’m talking about – take a look here!), then join us for a tweetchat all about the transferable skills you have gained as you have worked through the COVID-19 pandemic

A recent survey suggested that around 1 in 7 NHS staff were redeployed at some stage during the COVID19 pandemic and 1 in 5 staff between the ages of 18-34 have taken on new duties as a response to service changes during the pandemic. Of course, even if you job role has not changed, the way you deliver services has probably changed quite significantly – we have all been on a steep learning curve over the past year.

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The tweetchat on Monday is going to explore what this has meant to your development, and in particular what new transferable skills you may have gained, and of course how you plan to put these to use over the next year. The skills you need as a physiotherapist can be many and varied – so it might be new clinical skills you can bring to your role, or it may be skills in leadership, adaptability, time management or people skills that you feel you have gained over the past year. And of course there are quite a variety of digital skills that we have all developed as well.

Chat questions

Has your job or role changed over the past year as a result of COVID19?

What new skills have you gained during 2020?

Are your clinical or non clinical transferable skills more relevant?

How can you apply your new skills to your ‘usual’ role

What skills do you feel you will take with you over the next 5 years

Missed the chat?

Catch up with the transcript here

How to tweetchatting?

New to tweetchatting? Take a look here and here for advice ahead of Monday night.

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