Your professional body and you #physiotalk Mon 16th Aug 8pm


7.3% was the turn out in the recent Chartered Society of Physiotherapy Council elections. That’s just over four thousand members voting out of a membership of nearly sixty thousand physiotherapists, students and associate members.

Does that surprise you?

Are you concerned about the lack of engagement with the election?

Or are you not particularly bothered about the turnout?

Our next #physiotalk tweetchat on Monday 16th August at 8pm BST will be looking at engagement with your professional body – whether that be the CSP if you are in the UK or another professional body for our overseas followers.

So has this engagement changed over the years? A trawl of Physiotherapy and I discovered that in 1993 there was a turn out of 25% in the national ballot for the CSP council elections. And in the last election in 2018 the turn out was 11.3%. Whilst not knowing the results in the intervening years, it does seem that the member engagement is at an all time low – at least using this benchmark of voting numbers.

The tweetchat will not discuss the mechanics of voting – as these are set by trade union and government legislation.

But we will be discussing how important you think it is to engage with your professional body – after all they represent our profession in a variety of different ways to the public and if you are a member, then you are and represent your professional body.

Chat questions

Are you a member of your professional body?

POLL: Did you vote in the recent CSP council elections?

How important is it for you to engage with your professional body?

Do you feel that your professional body represents you?

Is it important that the CSP council represents your views?

POLL: Have you ever held a position in your professional body or its networks?

How would you like to engage with your professional body?

Chat transcript

Missed the chat – then catch up with the transcript here!

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