Physiotherapy Declares a climate emergency and… #physiotalk 17th January

Following on from the #physiotalk chat with @PhysioSusNet talk, COP26 and 2021 reports, health is now on the climate change agenda. We are pleased to welcome @physio_declares to host this tweetchat on Monday 17th January at 8pm GMT

Code red for humanity” – UN secretary General

Just as we have seen with international responses to another global health threat, COVID-19, the importance of timely recognition of a threat, clear leadership, and evidence-based collective action cannot be overstated.

The same is true of the climate emergency. Many of the changes we need – such as clean energy, more walking and cycling, better home insulation and healthier diets – also have the potential to save thousands of lives over the short-term in the UK, including preventing many of the 36,000 deaths each year that are attributable to air pollution. As physiotherapists we have a long established role in advocating for healthier and more active lifestyles. At the core of physiotherapy practice are the values of altruism, advocacy and integrity and as trusted health professionals it is our responsibility and privilege to speak up and advocate in the best interests of the general public.

The Royal Colleges of Emergency Medicine and General Practitioners, the Royal Pharmaceutical Society and the British Medical Association among 15 other UK health organisations have already taken this step, as well as divesting from fossil fuels. Globally, more than 300 organisations representing at least 45 million nurses, doctors and health professionals worldwide – about three quarters of the global health workforce – signed an open letter to the 197 government leaders and national delegations ahead of COP26, calling on world leaders to deliver on climate action. We call on the CSP and other UK Physiotherapy education providers to add its voice to the national and international fight against climate catastrophe.

So far the CSP has set up an interactive platform for members to comment; lets bring it into the active TwitterSphere with #Physiotalk #PhysiotherapyDeclares

Chat questions

  1. What role do physiotherapists have in sustainability?
  2. What good work are Physiotherapists and AHPs already doing for climate change?
  3. How many people were taught or learnt about climate change and the impact on their practice?
  4. What are your thoughts on the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy declaring a Climate Emergency?
  5. If a petition came up calling the CSP to action would you sign it… ?

Our chat hosts

Physiotherapy Declares are a group of physiotherapists, associates and student physiotherapists, formed in the aftermath of COP26 2021 and united in the recognition of a global climate and ecological emergency. Read our explainer document for more information.

Chat transcript

If you missed that chat, you can catch up with the transcript here

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