Weight management and physiotherapy #physiotalk 28th March 8pm BST

Our next tweetchat is on Monday 28th March at the usual time of 8pm BST – note that the clocks will have changed if you are joining us from outside of the UK!

It is being hosted by @physioNT and is all about weight management.

Guidance from the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) recommends that the management of obesity should include a variety of interventions to modify diet and physical activity behaviours. Effective weight management interventions require the input of an multidisciplinary team of professionals.

Physiotherapists are able to provide the physical activity component towards weight management and have a vital role to play in the prevention and management of obesity.

Chat questions

  1. What do you see as the role of the physiotherapist in weight management? How may this differ between adults and children’s services?
  2. Individuals with obesity often have complex bio-psychosocial barriers to physical activity. What is your experience of these barriers and how can we support patients to overcome these
  3. To maintain a healthy weight it is recommended we complete 150 mins of moderate-intensity exercise a week, including some resistance exercise. What tips / tricks can you share on adapting exercise to meet the needs of the bariatric population?
  4. There is evidence linking higher BMI to a greater risk from Covid-19. What has been your experience of treating individuals with obesity and has there been a link to long covid?
  5. What training have you had on weight management? Should we be including bariatric care training in all degree courses, rotations and static posts?


CSP welcomes new strategy to tackle obesity and promote better health

Physiotherapy works for obesity

Group-based diet and exercise aids weight loss

Physiotherapists’ Perceptions of Their Role in the Rehabilitation Management of Individuals with Obesity

The Emerging Role of the Physiotherapist in the Current Obesity Epidemic

Chat host

Natalie says: I’m a senior physiotherapist who has spent most of my career specialising in adults and older people’s mental health. I recently began on a new journey within the field of weight management for Leeds Community Healthcare’s Tier 3 specialist weight management program.

Chat transcript

Missed the chat? Catch up with it here

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