CSP council election #physiotalk tweetchat Mon 20th June 8pm BST

With apologies for those Physiotalk followers outside of the UK, our tweetchat on Monday 20th June at 8pm BST will be focused on elections for the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) council.

The ballot papers are on their way and the candidates statements will all available for you to read either from the booklet you are sent or here. Your vote needs to be in by 27th June – and the most important thing is that you DO use your vote! But of course you have time to take part in our online hustings before sending in your vote!

Vote | People fought hard to get the vote - make sure you us… | Flickr

We would like to take this opportunity to use a #Physiotalk tweetchat to host a ‘virtual hustings’ focused on the CSP council elections and most importantly what members would like to ask prospective council members. We have invited all candidates to take part in the tweetchat through CSP channels and will also make the transcript available to all candidates following the tweetchat.

Tweetchat ground rules

There is specific guidance for CSP members as well as candidates around the use of social media during the election process and it is important that all taking part in the chat are aware of and adhere to these guidelines In particular we must ensure that discussions are positive and comply with the canvassing rules and professional standards.

So – what questions do you want to ask?

What do you think are the burning issues for physiotherapists in the UK?

What do you want your new Council to focus on after the elections?

Please tweet us your suggestions in the run up to Monday 20th June but here are a few that we will ask on the night!

Chat questions

  1. What qualities do you have that are important for being a member of CSP council?
  2. How are you going to represent all areas of the CSP membership?
  3. What are your greatest frustrations with 21st century physiotherapy?
  4. How will candidates work against discrimination in all forms?
  5. What will you do to promote the independent and private sector?
  6. How will you ensure that the CSP promotes the values of the NHS?
  7. How can physiotherapy show leadership towards a more environmentally sustainable health service?
  8. Where do you see the profession going in the next 5 years?

There will also be at least 15 minutes in the chat for YOU to ask specific questions of all the candidates as well.


After the chat the transcript will be posted here


The purpose of CSP council

CSP web page for the election

Civica Election Services – website for the CSP election

List of candidates in alphabetical order

Candidate nameTwitter handle (if known)
Adebiyi Adereni@sollyrenny
Katherine Ashmore@ashmorephysio
Jack Chew@jackachew
Muhammad Chishti@chishtiphysio
Margaret Hewett@HewettDr
Dave MacLellan@DaveMacLellanO
Sachin Parab
Mandy Pike@PhysioMand
Gillian Rawlinson@GillRPhysio
Srikesavan Sabapathy@Srikesavan
Roy Swales@oldphysioguy
Kelly Walker@kellylecturer
Sylvia Wojciechowski@SylviaCrook68

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