Promoting our profession #physiotalk on Mon 4th Sep

As we are in the lead up to World Physical Therapy day it seemed an appropriate time to consider the wider question of how we promote ourselves as physiotherapists and equally how we promote our profession in general. We are going to be chatting about this on Monday 4th September at 8pm BST

World Physical Therapy day is an ideal opportunity to promote physiotherapy and the WCPT provide a host of materials to enable you to do this – with lots of ideas and publicity materials to download. Equally your national association may well offer ideas – for example the CSP in the UK has had recent campaigns such as #workoutatwork and is gearing up to #olderpeoplesday (and taking about Older Peoples day – we’ll be having a themed chat on 2nd October)


Other national associations have taken the plunge and run advertising campaigns, such as the Australian campaign that started in August

But is it just up to our world or national associations to publicise and promote physiotherapy or is it up to us? Of course the national campaigns need local physiotherapists to sign up and engage but often the most effective promotion comes from the ground up.

How often do you take the opportunity to promote physiotherapy in or out of your workplace outside of a national campaign. And if not – why not? Do you engage with your workplace comms teams to promote your new developments or initiatives or do you run a mile from a press release? Do you get quietly annoyed if you see physiotherapy misrepresented (or not represented at all!) in the print or online media but do nothing about it? What about those who do engage, but not in the way that you would think best?

Rob Yeldham in his recent blog suggested activities we could do if we just had 5 minutes to spare – and some like posting on Facebook or Twitter won’t even take that long! There were also other more detailed suggestions for engaging with the CSP but these could equally apply to your workplace or other organisations.

Questions to consider pre-chat:

  • Who should promote physiotherapy?
  • Why is is important that we promote physiotherapy?
  • Who should we promote physiotherapy to? The general public or healthcare providers and referrers?
  • How should we promote our profession?
  • What should we promote about physiotherapy – what is our USP?


Ten good reasons Health communicators should promote physiotherapy 

How to write a press release

Time zone convertor so you know when to take part!

Missed the chat?

Catch up with the chat transcript

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