Research engagement #physiotalk 18th September

As often happens (well to me anyway) I was drawn into a tweetchat this week having had no intention of taking part. It was the #OTalk chat on ‘Engaging Occupational Therapists in and with research’. It was a fast and thought provoking chat based on work the RCOT are doing in reviewing research and development activity.

The CSP too have been doing work to develop research priorities in partnership with the James Lind Alliance and the project information is here

So, spurred on by the #OTalk chat, it got me thinking about engaging in research and it seemed an opportunity for #physiotalk to look at this and see how we engage in and with research. We last looked at engaging with research over two years ago, so it seemed like a great opportunity to revisit the topic and look at it afresh. So – we will be chatting all things research on Monday 18th September at 8pm BST.


We can’t all be researchers – but can we all be actively engaging in research?

MEDLINE indexed over 806,000 papers in 2015, and that is just the tip of the iceberg! How can we possibly keep up with all this evidence and should we? BUT we all want to base our practice on the best available evidence.  There is a changing shift in how we access and engage with research. Long gone are the days of hand searching Index Medicus (thank goodness) and more often than not our journals arrive electronically rather than though our letter box. How has that changed us as consumers of research. Has it had an impact on ‘casual’ consumers of research – those who might have read Physiotherapy as it was delivered to their doorstep,  or is this outweighed by the sheer variety of ways we can now access research papers.

And as for actually starting a research project….! How many of us wouldn’t feel confident to do this even though we can all think of questions we would like answered. Why do we leave research to ‘someone else’. What are the barriers taking part in research within your workplace?

So- whether you are aware, engaged, participating or leading in research we would like to hear your thoughts. And if you say you don’t know where to start or have no time to be research aware – then this chat is for you as well!

Questions to consider:

  1. What does engaging in or with research mean to you?
  2. Should all physiotherapists engage in research?
  3. How supportive is your workplace to allow you to engage or participate in research?
  4. What culture changes might we need in workplaces to allow more engagement or participation in research?
  5. What top tips do you have to help physiotherapists to become research aware or engaged.


Resources for engaging in research

Resources for tweetchats


Missed the chat? Catch up with the transcript here


  1. Thank you for this mail. Please, can I get the transcript of the discussion on World Physiotherapy Day?

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi We are not doing a chat this World PT day and it was the WCPT that collated last years chat information using the hashtag.
      The #worldPTday tweets are collated in Symplur and so you could go and look at this if you wished for this year. I have already noticed Tracy Bury tweetibgvout some Symplur stats from the hashtag

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