Older People’s Day #Physiotalk Thursday 28 September

Older People’s Day presents a great opportunity to promote the role of physio in preventing falls and encourage investment in physio-led falls services. As part of the activities taking part on and close to Older Peoples Day we are holding a chat co-hosted by @thecsp and @iptopwcpt  The first thing to note is that this tweetchat is on a Thursday (but still at 8pm) to coincide with the launch of a new animation and aims to bring therapists together to discuss what we can do to raise awareness of exercise and physiotherapy’s role in making life better for older people.

We all know that physiotherapists are ideally placed to provide advice on keeping active to support general health and prevent falls in older age. In England, for example, we know that better investment in physiotherapy could prevent 159,200 falls and reduce the cost of falls to the NHS (estimated at £2.3 billion per year). Do you know the cost of falls in your country or region?

As physiotherapists, we could do more to:

Get up

a) Raise awareness of the importance of exercise and the types of exercise that older people can easily participate in

b) Raise the profile of physiotherapy’s role in empowering older people to be more independent and lead healthier lives

c) Raise the profile of physiotherapy’s role in falls prevention and alleviating pressure on both primary and secondary care amongst healthcare decision-makers

To assist physiotherapists in promoting exercise and falls prevention amongst older people, the CSP has developed an animation launched to coincide with Older People’s Day 2017, which communicates the key messages about exercise and the key exercise routines older people can do to maintain muscle strength, such as the sit to stand test.


The CSP and IPTOP look forward to welcoming you in what promises to be a very worthwhile discussion, sharing ideas and inspiration for promoting physiotherapy. Come back to this page after the animation launch to have a look at the video and consider how you can use it in your service!

Questions to consider:

For OPD we are celebrating the importance of exercise – how can we get more older people to exercise?

Investing in PT could prevent falls and reduce costs to health providers. Are patients and healthcare decision-makers aware of this?

What are the barriers to raising physiotherapy’s profile amongst older people and healthcare decision-makers?

How are you communicating the importance of physiotherapy for older people? Share your ideas.

What are you planning to do to promote exercise amongst older people

Chat hosts:

The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) is the professional body and trade union for physiotherapists in the United Kingdom. Founded in 1894, the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy has grown to become the profession’s largest membership organisation with more than 53,000 members.

IPTOP logo

IPTOP ( International Association of Physical Therapists working with Older People) is a sub group of the World Confederation for Physical Therapy. The WCPT is a confederation of 112 national physical therapy associations representing more than 350,000 physical therapists. Subgroups are international physical therapy organisations recognised by WCPT member organisations established to exchange scientific knowledge and promote the advancement of physical therapy in a special area of interest; IPTOP was recognised as a subgroup of the WCPT in 2003.

What time does it start where I am?

if you are not in the UK then have a look here to see what time the chat is for your time zone


Missed the chat? Here is the transcript to catch up with


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