Rehabilitation and technology #physiotalk 16th October

This years Scottish Physiotherapy Student Conference (#SPSC2017) is being held at Queen Margaret University on 28 October 2017. It’s a conference organised by students for students and is now in its fourth year. The theme of this years conference is Rehabilitation & Technology. While staying true to our roots as physiotherapists, it is imperative that we embrace new technologies that have the ability to streamline our services while maintaining our efforts to promote patient centred care.

SPSCBy fostering innovative thinking and collaboration across the profession the conference organisers hope to enhance physiotherapists’ opportunities to impact the health and social welfare of the population utilising the latest technological innovations.  The conference aims to introduce and expose students to new technologies shaping the physiotherapy service including: mobile technology and apps, wearable and sensor technology, social media, bionics and telerehab.

By hosting this #physiotalk tweetchat on Monday 16th October (back on our usual day and at the usual time of 8pm)  the student conference organisers @SPSC2017 intends to initiate discussion prior to the conference to enable more engaged interaction among health care professionals.  Utilising the tweetchat will provide participants with the opportunity to make the initial step in adopting technology into their everyday service provision.  The ability to view the tweetchat transcript post-chat also provides participants with an excellent opportunity to reflect on their learning pre and post conference.

Questions to think about before the chat:

1) How will advancements in technology impact the way we deliver service?
2) Increased use of technology could translate into a less hands on approach for physiotherapists.  How can we help guide and facilitate this for physiotherapists who may not be as keen?
3) How are allied health professionals coping with being paper light? Does anyone have any reservations or tips?
4) Is there a difference in how technology is being applied in private practice vs. the NHS?
5) How can we ensure technology remains user friendly for patients?
6) Technology can help to enhance self-management. How can we facilitate the use of technology to encourage this?

Pre-chat resources

Physiotherapists’ role as a health coach: encouraging the use of technology to enhance patient self-management (Eisler Carr et al. 2014)
Telerehabilitation and the use of smartphone physiotherapy applications for home exercise programs (Catenazzi et al. n.d.)

Confidence in achieving NHS 2020 digitisation falls (Digital Health Intelligence 2017)
Patient Perspective on Teleconsultation in Scotland (NHS Dumfries and Galloway)

Delivering the benefits of digital health care (Nuffield Trust 2016)
Building a business case for technology adoption (NICE)



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