Strong, Steady and Straight. #physiotalk on 7th Jan 8.30pm

The first Physiotalk of 2019 will be on Monday 7th January at 8.30pm BST.

This will be our 6th year of chats and its fantastic that we are entering 2019 with a larger Physiotalk team and lots of topics to discuss!

So – what is this chat all about? The National Osteoporosis Society published ‘Strong, Steady and Straight’ An Expert Consensus Statement on Physical Activity and Exercise for Osteoporosis in December 2018.

17540697976_29d0d03b9b_zIt aims to:

‘give you the information and tools you need to advise your patients on correct exercises and movements that may:

  • Promote bone strength to reduce fracture risk
  • Reduce falls risk
  • Help with the pain and symptoms associated with vertebral fractures’

Physiotherapists are one of the key health professionals that will be delivering this updated message to people with osteoporosis and it is vital that we understand the new consensus statement and how to apply this to our practice. During the chat we will be joined by Prof Dawn Skelton, the exercise consensus group chair to discuss the guidance itself and how to apply this to practice.

We recommend that you read the statement document (or at least the quick guide!) before taking part in this chat

Pre-chat questions

Do you think about bone health issues with your patients – no matter what age or gender?

Strong: Do you currently adapt strength exercises for people with osteoporosis?

Strong: Will you change practice after reading the consensus statement?

Steady: Highly challenging balance and muscle strength training for three hours a week over at least four months is recommended – will your patients reach this level?

Straight: How are you going to communicate the ‘how to’ rather than ‘don’t do’ message to your patients



Strong, Steady and Straight quick guide

Request the full consensus here


Did you miss the chat? Catch up with the transcript

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  1. Currently within the falls clinic we do consider bone health. The pharmacist uses the calcium calculator and requests vitamin D level is checked and bone health is discussed with the doctor making referrals to fracture liaison services where appropriate. However in the absence of a pharmacist at clinic, this is seldom assessed fully.

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