Rehab and COVID19 #physiotalk Mon 13th Apr 8pm

Our next chat is on Monday 13th April at 8pm BST.

We normally have an Easter Monday special, but instead we are continuing our COVID19 themed chats. We know this Easter will be very different in many ways, and it seemed more important to continue supporting you in sharing knowledge about COVID19 than searching for Easter eggs!

The theme this time is on Rehabilitation and COVID19 and it is being hosted by @VickiG_physio and @alison_cowley who will be using it to help inform their research projects.


They write  ‘We are undertaking some research projects that we would like some wider multidisciplinary stakeholder engagement with, to help understand what the current challenges are in practice in relation to COVID-19.

1. A rapid review to establish what rehabilitation may help older people and those who are frail recover from COVID-19 across the care continuum from ITU and back out into the community (including care homes). We are undertaking a systematic search of the relevant literature as well as stakeholder and expert engagement.

2. We are developing a survey to explore the emerging rehabilitation needs of people post COVID-19 infection. This includes those admitted for acute hospital care and those in their usual place of residence. We are interested in clinician’s experiences when assessing for programmes of rehabilitation.’


Chat questions

  1. What is your professional background and what setting are you currently working in (is this where you normally work)?
  2. What are the challenges facing older people/those living with frailty who are recovering from COVID-19 in your setting?
  3. Are you seeing any unexpected consequences due to COVID?
  4. What challenges are you facing when working to provide rehabilitation for these patients?
  5. How are you addressing these challenges?

Chat transcript

If you missed the chat – you can catch up with the transcript! 

Chat hosts

Vicki is Associate Professor of Ageing and Rehabilitation at University of Exeter. Community physio specialising in older people. She is a previous Chair of AGILE. She has undertaken a lot of research on falls and frailty and rehabilitation.  She is now leading some work on rehab for older people recovering from COVID-1.

Alison is a physiotherapist and Allied Health Professional Clinical Academic Lead at Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust. Previous NIHR Clinical Doctoral Research Fellow with research focused on frailty, rehabilitation interventions and rehabilitation potential.

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