COVID19 and remote consultations #physiotalk Mon 20th Apr 8pm

On Monday 20th April we will continue our series of weekly #physiotalk tweetchats looking at different aspects of how the COVID19 pandemic is affecting physiotherapists and physiotherapy.

On Monday at 8pm BST we will be looking at remote consultations – the what, why, how of doing a remote consultation. Of course some physiotherapists might have been using remote consultations for years, especially in the more rural areas, but for most of us, moving overnight to a new way of working has been a challenge.


There are now only a few situations where physiotherapists can see patients face to face:

  • They are in hospital and require physiotherapy.
  • You have a high suspicion of risk of serious deterioration from underlying pathology and you are unable to determine this remotely.
  • They have urgent rehabilitation needs, which if not met, will require care from General Practice, secondary care or social care agencies.  This is particularly important if they are themselves a carer for someone who is vulnerable .
  • They require rehabilitation to support their rapid discharge from secondary care.

For everything else – there has been a change to supporting patients via a variety of both high tech and lower tech options.

There has been a great deal of support from @theCSP in supporting members to develop and use these solutions – take a look at their webpages here.  On Monday night we will be looking to get your experiences and shared knowledge about using different tools and options.

Chat questions

  •  Are you running a remote consultation service and in what clinical setting?
  •  What tools do you use in your remote consultation service
  •  How easy did you find it to get these tools – both NHS and private practices
  •  Are you happy with the level of functionality and security for the tools
  •  What about certain groups – paediatrics, learning difficulties, frail older adults?
  • What are your top tips!
  • Will you continue to use remote consultations once the pandemic is over?


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