Common Placement Assessment form #Physiotalk 8th Nov 2021

The next #physiotalk tweetchat will be on Monday 8th November at 8pm GMT

The topic is the new Common Placement Assessment form which has been developed by the CSP. They say that ‘the Common Placement Assessment Form (CPAF) is a standardised assessment form that can be used to assess all physiotherapy students out on placement in all practice settings no matter which university they attend’.

Rather than repeat the information here, the CSP website has all of the details and information about the CPAF – take a look at to read all about the CPAF, its development, the potential advantages of the CPAF and of course to be able to download the forms for use. Before the tweetchat it would be useful if you had taken a look at the CSP information and taken a look at the CPAF itself if you are not familiar with it

Chat questions

Have you used the CPAF as a student or educator?

What are the advantages of one common form for all universities?

Do you think the CPAF will allow students to take more control of their learning?

Are the learning domains assessed appropriate – are there any domains you feel are not needed or any missing?

How do you think you will address the domain of ‘Individuals, Communities and Populations’ in your clinical area?

Do you think the CPAF will allow a wider range of placement settings to be used?

Missed the chat?

Catch up with the transcript here

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