Support workers and scope of practice #physiotalk on Monday 11th October

The next #physiotalk tweetchat is on Monday 11th October at 8pm BST. This weeks topic is ‘Support workers and scope of practice’.

Support workers, senior support workers, assistants, assistant practitioners – what ever they are called, most of us work alongside support workers and they are invaluable members of our teams – we really couldn’t do without them! The recent #ThinkingDifferently campaign by the CSP looked to showcase the diversity of support workers roles and the value they add to your physiotherapy teams.

But sometimes queries arise around what exactly can a physiotherapy support worker do? And how might this change for different bands of support workers? What if your support worker has a more generic role within the team – what then? What if your support workers have more advanced qualifications than their role requires – does that alter what they can do?

These are common queries that arise in discussions on forums like iCSP (and Twitter of course!) and sometimes it seems like different services have different answers to the same question, which can cause uncertainty. This tweetchat will not have all the answers, but we hope that it will help registered and support worker staff understand their role and scope of practice a little better and signpost to resources that will help this understanding.

Chat questions

How do you understand your role in delegation of tasks to support workers

How do you decide or define if a support worker is competent to carry out delegated tasks?

What differences do you have between bands of support workers?

How do you enable support workers to progress to a higher banding?

How can support workers support students on practice based learning placements.

What if your support worker has advanced qualifications – does that alter their scope of practice?


Supervision, accountability and delegation of activities (CSP publication)

FAQ on delegation of tasks to support workers

CSP Hub site for associate members and support workers

Allied Health Professions’ Support Worker Competency, Education, and Career Development Framework (draft for consultation from HEE)

Health and Care Support Workers Learning Framework (NHS Education Scotland)

Making delegation safe and effective : a learning resource for nurses, midwives, allied health professionals and health care support workers

Work based learning resources for support workers

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