#AHPs: making a difference to children and young people’s health & wellbeing 17 Nov 2014

On Monday 17th November 8-9pm (GMT) we will be supporting week of action on supporting families to give children and young people the best start to life by holding a #MDTchat twitter chat for allied health professionals (AHPs).  We hope you can join us with guest host Alison Raw (@AlisonRaw), Allied Health Professions (AHP) Adviser at the Department of Health as we celebrate and talk about how how #AHPs can make a difference to children and young people’s health and wellbeing.IMG_2467

What happens to children before they are born and in their early years can affect their health and opportunities later in life (Department of Health, 2013). This includes:

  • Improving maternity care, for example encouraging mothers to breastfeed and supporting those with post-natal depression.
  • Protecting children from serious diseases, through screening and immunisation.
  • Reducing childhood obesity by promoting healthy eating and physical activity.
  • Identifying problems in children’s health and development (for example learning difficulties) and safety (for example parental neglect), so that they can get help with their problems as early as possible.
  • Make sure children are prepared for school.

Social media, especially twitter, is a fantastic way to connect allied health professionals, share ideas and innovative practice, and raise awareness of what we do. During the chat we’ll be discussing how AHPs can and do make a difference with children and young people’s health & wellbeing. Before the chat have a think about:

  • What different roles do AHPs play in promoting the health of children and young people? What more could we do?
  • What is your personal role in promoting the health of children and young people? What more could you do?

There’s lots more information on activities during the week available from Viv Bennett’s blog here and the hashtag for the week will be #PHPCYPWeek (population health practice/practitioners’ children and young people week).

The #wenurses team will also be holding a twitter chat for #PHPweek on Thursday 20th November ‘Getting it right for our children and young people‘ see here for more information.

Information and resources to look at before the chat:


Chat support

Post chat info

Click here for chat analytics and here for the chat transcript containing all the tweets during the chat.

#MDTchat Participants

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