#physiotalk Journal club Monday 20th January 8pm *NOTE TIME CHANGE*

In the first tweetchat of 2020 we asked you for your ideas about Physiotalk. Thank you to everyone who took part – or filled out our online survey.

One of the themes that came running through the chat and the survey was that you valued physiotalk as it was, but would like our chats to be more focussed and to have some research led / journal club type chats.

So – you asked, and we listened!

Our chat for Monday 20th January at 8.00pm GMT will be a journal club chat. Please note the change of time – we are moving back to 8pm as a trial!  We will use an article from the latest Physiotherapy that is also an open access paper

Development and proof of concept of a blended physiotherapeutic intervention for patients with non-specific low back pain

So – before Physiotalk on Monday – take time to read the paper and prepare to answer these questions about the study.


The questions are taken from part of the CASP toolkits, but we will not be asking you to complete a full critical appraisal (unless you really want to!)


  1. Did the study address a clearly focused issue
  2. Did the authors use an appropriate method to answer their question
  3. Were the cases recruited in an acceptable way?
  4. Have the authors taken account of the potential confounding factors in the design and/or in their analysis?
  5. Do you believe the results?
  6. Were all clinically important outcomes considered?
  7. Can the results be applied to the local population
  8. Do the results of this study fit with other available evidence?
  9. Are the benefits worth the harms and costs


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