Exploring AHP researchers’ identities – the diversity in career path #physiotalk 27th Sep 8pm BST

The next #physiotalk tweetchat is with @KatieJSheehan and @rachel_stockley on Monday 27th September at 8pm BST

Although not planned to coincide, it leads on from our last chat on 13th September which looked at one particular aspect of research – How can we use new research to address the unmet need for rehabilitation for people with LTC.

This chat on 27th September centres around how we can

1) unify and celebrate AHP researchers

2) advocate for narrowing inequities in progression of AHP researchers and

3) position us as competitive for broader scope research funding.

Over the past decade we have seen AHPs play a greater role in the UK research community. A recent commentary proposed:

‘Non-medical allied health professionals (NMAHPs) are well positioned to be at the leading edge of innovation, discovery and research implementation, and essential in addressing the increasing demand on NHS and social care by the ever ageing, multi-morbid population. NMAHPs are also emerging as critical contributors to innovation and emergent opportunities, including health technologies, digital capabilities and ideally placed to address the substantial health inequalities that we face within the UK.’

The UK is well placed to be a global leader in building capacity among aspiring and established AHP researchers. The Council for Allied Health Professions Research was launched in 2014 to strengthen the evidence of AHPs value and impact and unite AHPs voice on research issues to help raise profile and influence. This tweetchat will complement these activities through active discussion of AHPs experiences of research.

Chat questions

  • Do AHP researchers have/need a clear identity? What is it?
  • How visible are leaders in AHP research and who are our established and emerging leaders?
  • In what ways do AHPs currently contribute to research (vs leading research)?
  • How can we celebrate and share innovative research which is led by AHPs?
  • How can we raise the profile of AHP research? What about those funded by non-typical fields?
  • How do we build capacity throughout AHPs to both grow and then keep researchers? What can we learn from other professions?
  • How do we get funding from sources beyond our traditional funders (e.g., NIHR and charities)?
  • How do we improve support for progression of AHP clinical academics on e.g., NIHR career paths?

Chat hosts

Dr Katie Sheehan is a physiotherapist, Senior Lecturer, and UKRI Future Leaders Fellow at Kings College London. Dr Rachel Stockley is a physiotherapist, Senior Research Fellow and UKRI Future Leaders Fellow at the University of Central Lancashire. Both recently received funding to better support the career progression and development of early career researchers in academia. They are keen to extend this activity to AHPs who are pursing clinical academic/academic roles

Chat transcript

If you missed the chat then you can catch up with the transcript here

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