Making the most of your congress experience #WCPT2017 tweetchat 12th June 2017

Cape Town is nearly upon us – the months (or years!) of planning for WCPT congress 2017 are about to come to fruition. If you are going to  congress you might be thinking about your travel plans and what to attend, if you are presenting you will be making the final touches to your presentation or poster and the organisers are working on the finishing touches to make congress memorable for us all.

BUT – have you thought about how YOU are going to get the best experience from the congress? And by that we mean whether you are attending in person OR making the most of the ways of following virtually using #WCPT2017.

Our tweetchat on Monday 12th June at 8pm BST will be hosted by Tracy Bury and Emma Stokes and we will be chatting about how to make the most of the congress whether you are attending in person or following ‘virtually’.


Here’s what the WCPT says:

  • It is the profession’s largest international congress – where the world of physical therapy meets.
  • World experts and leaders in their field share their latest findings with you.
  • Global perspectives on the profession’s hot topics are presented, reflecting low, middle and high resource experiences.
  • New ways of thinking are discovered and the latest research implications are shared to inform changes in the way you practice.
  • New contacts and friendships are made – over 55% of delegates stated networking and making new contacts as a main benefit of attending the last congress.
  • It connects the profession globally in an inspiring and unique event.
  • #globalPT on Twitter has grown as a way of connecting the profession on social media as a result of WCPT Congress 2015.
  • Diverse programming ensures that every speciality is represented, no matter your area of expertise, interest or role in the profession.

That’s great! – and of course why you are going (or planning to follow on Twitter). But with around a month to go, now is the time to start planning about how to get the best out of the experience. WCPT have provided some tips and we would suggest you have a look as these are a great starting point. In particular the networking tips are invaluable – so bring your business cards and connect with everyone from your ‘physiotherapy hero’ to someone standing by themselves. This goes for networking via Twitter as well – so make sure your profile picture and bio is up to date.

So the questions you need to ask yourself before congress starts on 2nd July are :

  • How will you know you have made the most of your #WCPT2017 experience?
  • Have you planned in advance for what sessions you might see and what posters you want to look at (come and say hello at the Physiotalk poster of course!)
  • Have you mapped the congress programme against your CPD needs?
  • Have you thought about who you would like to meet and network with?
  • How and what are you going to tweet at congress especially thinking about your audience following on Twitter.
  • What are you going to do with all of this knowledge and information once Cape Town is only a memory?

So join us on 12th June at 8pm BST to chat about all things congress related but especially how YOU are going to get the most out of either attending congress or following virtually.

If you are joining in from outside the UK here is a handy guide to the time zones showing your local time for the tweetchat.

Pre chat resources:


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