New Year – New Grad – New Job #physiotalk Mon 18th Jan 8pm

Our first chat of 2021 was suggested by Chloe Dooley @chloedooley99 the CSP Wales New graduate rep. The chat will be on Monday 18th January at 8pm GMT and as a New Year reminder – this is how you tweetchat!

Chloe asked if we could look at the challenges facing new graduates as they start in their new jobs especially when they are starting in the middle of a global pandemic. She had run a survey in Wales for new graduates at the end of 2020 and has allowed us to use some of her findings to support this tweetchat – Diolch!

In her report Chloe writes ‘As a new graduate myself and 3 months into my first rotation I found it a lot more challenging than I had anticipated, but was lucky to receive some really good support and advice from my new team. After speaking to others, I found I wasn’t on my own with the challenges I’d found. This prompted me to want to provide a chance for others to share their feedback so this could be shared with CSP Wales and others who may benefit from hearing what new graduates have to say

Some of the themes that emerged from the survey about the challenges were focussed on issues we may have all faced with communication – particularly last minute communication about major changes such as redeployment and rotation changes and of course PPE! Other themes are more specific to starting a new job in a new location away from family and friends in a lockdown. This included starting after the first wave and others forgetting that this was still all new to them. A pertinent point raised was also the stressors of having a ‘virtual’ job interview.

There were of course also lots of positives raised such as senior members of staff going above and beyond to check in regularly and provide a safe space to share concerns, both in and out of work. Maintaining band 5 in service training was also crucial as well as signposting to support mechanisms that were available.

Chat questions

We are going to ask some of the same questions from the Welsh survey and a couple of additional ones for those who are supporting any new grads in their first job.

Q: What were the main challenges you faced as a new graduate?

Q: Have you got any examples of good practice and support?

Q: What could have made your new graduate experience better?

Q: What have been the challenges if you have been supporting new staff?

Q: Have you had to change how you support new staff during the pandemic – and how?


If you missed the chat – you can catch up with the transcript

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